At our stables at Yeh Gangga Beach – Bali, we are very proud of the care and love for all our animals. We practice Natural Horsemanship with our horses which is a wonderful way of creating a bond with our horses and developing trust. Natural Horsemanship is not something that any person can learn quickly, it is a life long dedication to learning and ensures that our horses are looked after mentally, emotionally and physically. All our horses are fed naturally. We do not feed any processed feeds and we have been working together with one of Australia’s leading equine nutrionists to ensure our horses have a complete balanced diet. We have based our natural feeding on local and imported ingredients. Having our horses in the best physical condition possible is also very important to us. All our horses enjoy daily treatments from the well known “Equissage”. We also practice acupuncture, red light therapy and massage. We use only natural therapies for all our horses and this is proving to be a very positive way of treating our equine partners. We also offer introductory natural horsemanship clinics and we can focus on anything that you would like to learn more about: feeding, care and grooming, horsemanship. Please email us for further information if you would like to enquire about a booking. We hope you have the time to join us when you visit Bali and we are happy to share our knowledge and practices with any of our guests who are interested in learning more.